We are an Engineering construction and consulting company providing highly skilled professional services in our business areas, to the food and beverages industry, and also to other manufacturing establishments. With experience spanning over 30 years, we pride ourselves in the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our deliveries and as Safety and Environmental consultants, we place our vast experience in this area at the disposal of our clients and very particularly, put these into practice during the execution of all our various projects.

Pipe & Vessels Installation

@Auslind Integrated Services we carry out stainless steel and carbon steel piping installations for the conveyance of various fluids and products to recognized international standards and in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice as applicable in the Food and Beverages Industry in particular and manufacturing industries in general. We also do both hot and cold insulation on piping installations and on storage vessels which are then finished off with presentable cladding for good aesthetics and protection of the insulation material.

Industial Facilities Installation

we also carry out installation of heavy industrial production machines like steam boilers, water treatment plants, air compressors, chillers, bottling lines equipment, storage tanks, fermentation and similar jacketed vessels.


One of Auslind Integrated Services Infrastructure’s core activities includes insulation and cladding for industrial installations. Our years’ of experience in the disassembly, reassembly and renewal of industrial insulation pipes, vessels, tank walls and specials, have helped clients on some of the world’s largest new construction, renovation and maintenance shutdown projects.

Production Facilities Installation

An extensive range of production services is available, based on the EPF business model selected:

  • Fast-track early production and interim facilities, plants, and systems

  • Hydrocarbon liquids recovery and dewpoint control plants

  • Gas storage leaching facilities

  • Multiphase pumping

  • Optimization of existing production facilities