Auslind Intergrated Services can assist the client with pipe installation, pipe material selection, pipe testing, pipe painting and labeling, and pipe insulation and heat tracing. Piping Structural Steel Supports, Pipe Bridge, Slope Tanks Bottom Support, Tank Anchoring Support Systems, Structural Steel Foundations, Support Foundation for all types of equipment, Handrails, Platforms, Catwalks, Ladders, Plate and Structural Steel Fabrication, Machine Guarding, and Structural Steel Repair and Restoration. Our highly qualified pipefitters make the codes requirement applicable and possible.


Shrink Wrapper
Shrink Wrapper
Staircase Installation



Leaks are inevitable in any pressurized system. When damage to process, transportation or distribution lines occurs, or when existing gaskets, o-rings, etc. fail, AUSLIND can provide emergency bolt-on style leak repair fittings for high or low pressure service.



AUSLIND has a team of experienced, certified engineers, welders, and technicians who consistently produce innovative, high quality custom fabrication designs with a superior level of mechanical integrity.


Some of our recent custom fabrication projects include:

  • -Heat Exchanger Packages

  • -Process Equipment Skids

  • -Steel Support Structures & Framing

  • -Platforms & Ladders



AUSLIND provides a wide variety of industrial maintenance and fabrication services. Our diverse product offerings allow us to fill the needs of many different clients. Industries we serve include logistics, manufacturing, hi-tech, food and beverage, transportation, government, and construction.